Maximo nivel is an international organization that caters to render TEFL ESL and TOSEL degrees to the students or learners for teaching English language speaking to non native speakers. Such a certification is required for students to teach the non native speakers with the power of English.  The maximo nivel as a team has a multinational staff working for over 24 hours and delivering the best service to the people. In the institute are the world top employees working to serve the best interest to the people. Here are some goals of the institute:


  • To deliver highest quality safe and programs that can be afforded by the people in the long run
  • Render the best Spanish language immersion
  • To train and certify the world class ESL trainers in the best possible manners
  • To organize the best internship programs in the long run and give the best international experience and exposure to the students that stands best for their career.
  • Help the people effectively through the world class education, adventure and cultural travelling people.


So the most important aspect of TEFL certification is that relevant experience hours are required in the long run.  With the minimum of 6-20 hours are required in the curriculum. It is very important for the trainee that he gets suitable experience in the long run.  Founded in the year it is a family based organization providing great experience to every student, participant and the clients. The sole aim of the company is to deliver the highest quality and safe affordable programs to the students. To train and certify the ESL teachers in the most efficient way and inculcate the best experience which is mostly required in the long run. In the TEFL certification course internship is the most important.

A Glimpse Over Maximo Nivel

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