It is quite justifiable to mention that computer has reached all nooks and corners of the world and people have adjusted their life according to the need of computer. Trailing this necessity is another thing – the soul of computer i.e. the Operating System. Operating System is the framework which keeps the computer running. And Microsoft Windows is synonymous among operating systems. They have already delivered some of the best versions of windows. Starting with the grand old Windows 95, then coming to 98 and then the prodigy Windows XP and after that windows 7.

Windows 7 came up with a lot of versions such as windows 7 premium, windows 7 professional, windows 7 starter etc. These versions were launched to cater to a large array of users. But users cannot afford the premium full version of windows 7. They end up installing the demo version which is devoid of an activation key. It may cause compatibility and upgradation issues. That is why windows 7 loader helps us to unlock it and make your product licensed.


Once you visit the site, you have to click on the click here tab and you will have the activator file in your system. Run the activator file as an administrator. After the entire process gets completed, restart your system. You will have Microsoft windows 7 licensed version in your system.

Make sure that you click on all the ‘click here’ tabs as you will get to know more about the different activators present for different versions of Windows 7. This is a very good advantage of activator that it is compatible with all the versions of Windows 7. These activators won’t disrupt any of your existing programs or corrupt them. This will occupy minimal space in your system and is completely free of malware.


The lucidly presented user interface makes it absolutely easy for the user to install it. The activator works in both online as well as offline mode. This will let the activator to run even if your system is not connected to the internet.Trusted sites offer authentic windows 7 activator. Once you visit the sites, they will provide you with the detailed steps about how to install the activator.

Search in google for all the sites that offer these activators. But please go through the site once to ascertain its authenticity. Few sites may provide malware which may cause damage to your operating system.

How To Activate Windows 7 Without Product Key

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