We don’t really need to explain to you how one of the world’s most famous mobile game is played. Pokemon Go has sure taken the world by storm; everyone want to be the very best that no one ever was. If you have done other researches, you’d know that there has already been one person who caught every single Pokemon out there, well the current ones anyway; the developers announced that they would add a lot more. In all honesty, with the sheer number of Pokemons out there, why not buy Pokemon go account?

We’re serious, you’d be surprised at how many offers are out there. The buying and selling of user accounts is not limited to Pokemon Go, as long as a game has a changeable and transferable account then owners can sell them. The main reason why players want to buy these accounts is because they’re already jammed pack with experience, items and the levels are quite high. Of course you can achieve that yourself if you had enough time and effort to allocate into the game. Try searching for an account and you’d be tempted at the amount of rare Pokemons they offer. If you don’t know where to start looking then we have a suggestion for you.


Player Auctions

Player Auctions has a website where you can buy and sell accounts on multiple game platforms, but we’re here to concentrate on Pokemon Go. Many personal reviews have stated that it’s quite safe to make purchases at this particular website. Buyers don’t directly make payments to the account of the sellers, every payment is firstly sent to Player Auctions, payments will be secured by PlayerGuardian. Once a buyer has received whatever they bought and has confirmed so, it’s then that the payment can be released to the seller.

Not only can buyers be certain at the time they are making payments, but all the accounts offered by verified members are guaranteed a number of after sale support. For any account buyer out there that wants to have additional security with their purchase, Player Auctions has insurance packages. So what are these insurance packages? They offer protection for buyers in the unlikely case that the account they purchased get reclaimed or even suspended because of any fault in the part of the previous owner. In case Player Auctions can’t return the account in once piece, you’ll be awarded with Player Auction Market credit which has equal value to the insurance package you purchased.


Accounts Available

Once you choose the window for Pokemon Go accounts, there will be a list that you can choose from. Potential buyers will immediately see how many accounts are available, the price and even the level of the account. If you click on an account that caught your attention, you’d also see the features f the account; Pokemon available in the account as well as their category, stardust included, the number of Pokemon on the Pokedex, team as well as the in-game name and more.

Catching Them All The Easy Way

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