Clash of clans have taken over each and every smartphone after its launch. There hardly are any people who have never played or heard about the game . Clash of clans  is a strategy based game where the players have to strategies about managing their village. Constructing all the necessities  and fighting wars with the other players to earn trophies and loot.  Ever since the game has become popular the clashofclanhackers have emerged out of somewhere.  Hackers make the game easier for them by doing the following things :

  1. Earn Free Gems

Everyone who has ever played the game clash of clans would know the value of gems in the game. Gems are the hardest thing to earn in clash of clans .They can only be done by chopping off the obstacles in their village. Clash of clan hackers have somehow found out a way to  earn free gems by using cheat codes and other ways.


  1. Upgrading the troops

The other things that take time in clash of clans is the upgradation of troops. Upgradation of troops is bounded by the level of town hall. Most of the troops cannot be upgraded after a certain level with a particular town hall. The clash of clan hackers have created various online portals from which they  can be downloaded .

  1. Fake troops


Troops can be borrowed from the clan mates by requesting for them in the clan chat. Although due to the obsession for the game and to get the upper hand on the other players the clash of clans hackers usually manage to get fake troops in their clan castle without even requesting for them in the first place. Usually high level fake troops  are created in the clan castle to beat the opponents as they won’t have enough defensive material to defend their village from them.

Clash Of Clans – The Game

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