While spying on phones is something which could be done usually among parents to protect their children, or companies in order for them to remove people who have betrayed their oath of service or honesty to the company, did you know that this exact same monitoring could be done on computers as well? Apart from phones, mSpy is also pretty much capable of checking communication history and other activities which takes place in a target’s laptop or desktop computer. My spy for computers has the following specific features:

Communication Activity Monitoring


Just like its phone version, mSpy is able to trace and retrieve different sorts of communication activities which are done on the computer. This includes viewing emails which have been sent to and from the target computer’s registered email accounts, and also control them externally. This particular feature of mSpy has some drawbacks, but they are working their best to have it fixed, So far, gmail is the only email which they could effectively monitor. Apart from email services, mSpy also helps users be able to monitor a target’s skype account.

Spying on Other Activity

Apart from communication history through gmail and Skype, one of the great features of mSpy for desktop include Keylogger, which allows you to decode keystrokes of a target computer. The app is also capable of sending a target user’s screenshots to you, and it could also monitor the apps installed or deleted. You could also check the time they logged in, and the time they logged out.



The mSpy computer application is best for monitoring the activity of children in their computers for their safety and for parents to protect them from accessing unwanted sites, and for employees chosen to be the best possible. The Desktop version is cheaper, and costs just $5.83 a month.

Mspy Computer: Something To Look Forward To

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