Despite being slightly old, the Pokemon GO app is still doing pretty well in terms of the app store statistics. High end Android device owners are giving the app a go by Pokemon GO APK download from other platforms if it’s not showing up on their Google Play Store and for everyone else, the official app stores are the place to get this game downloaded and installed.

However, Pokemon GO operations are pretty basic. It’s based on a Google Maps API to help the player navigate around the world and speaking of hardware, the camera would be used a lot to inaugurate augmented reality into the gamer’s smartphone display. If you are a newbie to the Pokemon GO gameplay, then following tips should help you out.

Pokemon GO Basics to Know


Here are the basic things one needs to know about the Pokemon GO app.

  • Tracking based on Google Maps: The tracking system allows a player to navigate around their own neighborhood and locate Pokemons on the display. In the bottom right corner of the display the tracking system button should be found. Once inside, the user gets to see if there’s any Pokemon in a 30 meter radius.
  • Find Pokemons: Typically, Pokemons are found in remarkable landmarks, shopping malls, parks etc. in your city. However if your country doesn’t have a Pokemon GO server there may not be any Pokemon around.
  • Candy and Stardust: To make a Pokemon in your possession evolve, a specific amount of candies is needed to be collected. And stardust would level up Combat Power (CP) in a Pokemon.


  • Pokemon Gyms: To challenge a Pokemon Gym, a player needs to rise to level 5 first. To attack a Pokemon the player should tap on them rapidly and the dodge option works by swiping across the display.


These are the important go-to list for Pokemon GO app. If you haven’t played the game yet and you are in the supported region, then you are certainly missing out!

Pokemon Go Basics

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