Minecraft has been there for quite some time now and it’s overly entertaining even if others consider it ‘simple’. It was created by programmer Markus ‘Notch’ Presson and was developed by Mojang after some time. In Minecraft, players are able to become creative in construction of textured cubes inside a 3D generated world. Of course there are other activities for the players like exploration, gathering of resources, combat and of course crafting. Not only that but there are various modes at which you can play in, but Minecraft server list are even more fun.

Even by just searching online you’ll be able to find tons of server lists, they are even ranked per website so you can immediately see the top rated server lists. But since we want you to immediately enjoy the server lists, we’ll give you a list of some of the best Minecraft server list hosted by Minecraftpeservers.org.

Minecraft PE Server List


Below are some of the top rated servers found on the said website, give them a try!

  • Pigraid – ranked at number one by 4584 players, it also has an uptime of 99.2% so it’s bound to be a fun server for you too. It’s innovated as well as fun, this Minecraft Pocket Edition or MCPE server is open for all.
  • JDEnterprise – ranked as second best server by 1037 players, JDEnterprise has an uptime of 96.9%. Some of its featured tags are economy, mini games and even parkour. As you may have guessed, JDEnterprise is a server based on economy, what with its name and all. They feature PVP, Skywars, Plots and Survival. We recommend that you try it at least once, anyone who plays tend to stay. In case you have some concerns, they have multiple staff that are more than willing to help. JDEnterprise and their team prioritise the enjoyment of the players.


  • KidzZone Network – hailed as the third best server in Minecraft PE Server List, it has earned the spot with the help of 653 votes and has an uptime of 83%. Some of their tags are creative, survival, economy and roleplay. KidzZone Network’s top features include huge spawn maps, overly creative plots alongside shops, a KidzZone mall, additional adventure maps and even various ranks to help players along the way. Players also have to option of purchasing VIP from KidzZone Network’s official website in case they’re interested.
Your Choice Of Minecraft Server List

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