Back in the day one had to purchase a gaming console and buy cassettes or CDs to play the games they loved. A lot has changed in recent times and although consoles are still quite popular, most avid gamers prefer to play their most loved games no matter where they are. With the introduction of Smartphones most people choose to download games from the in app store and play them. There are a number of benefits to doing this. To begin with, these games are free to download and you can play them whenever you want. Although there are millions of games that you can download and play, some games are more popular than the others. Color switch is one such game which has been a highly popular game on android, iOS and Windows platforms.


One of the main reasons this game is so popular is because although there are not too many rules that you need to follow, the game challenges your mind and body and it pushes you to keep doing better. There are multiple levels in the game and it will take you a while to get through the first few levels since you need to get your hand set on the game and the timings of the rotation of the colors. Once you start playing this game, you will end up forgetting about all the other games you have on your phone and you will try hard to beat the other players on the leader board to see your name up there.


One of the biggest advantages of color switch is that it sharpens the mind and the reflexes of the body. There are a number of games that are boring to play and require no special skill and speed. After a point of time you just uninstall these games and find something new to play. With color switch that is not the problem at all. Within no time you will feel that color switch is challenging you to a whole new level. You will keep pushing yourself with each level and strive to become better. Color switch increases your ability to maneuver quickly and change pace effectively. Your reflexes will be tested and you will be able to improve it in absolutely no time.


With this game you will ensure that your personal ability improves before you consider giving up on it. There are a number of users who have become experts in this game simply because of their grit and determination. These people have shown that their personal ability to react in certain situations has improved considerably. Color switch is also beneficial to people who have problem matching colors. While this may not be such a common issue it is a problem for people who are on the verge of color blindness. This game helps them improve their visibility and recognize colors in a better way. Color switch makes you a better person along with a better gamer.

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