Neopet Dailies is a site that has a list of all the links that you do daily on Neopets. It is a pet page or a help site. There are many tips and hints provided on particular daily links. With a number of fun activities, the site offers free neopets items and neopoints. You can make use of our guide to know more about the free points. For quick navigation all are presented in a tabular form for quick reference at a glance and for navigating through the pages easily. By playing with the flash games of Neopets, you can score high. With practice your scores will start soaring and you will be trained to set target higher.


What should you do?

You should first register with the Neopet Dailies to access our features. Once you log in after registration, you can create topics and also post your replies to the threads. You can post status updates, give reputation to your friends and manage your profile.

Neopet Games to Play

When you play Neopets games, you can try to score really good points so that you have more to spend. When you play Neopets games, the score is also mentioned at the side which will set targets for you to achieve. You have games like Kass Basher, Itchy Invasion, Extreme Potato, Edna’s Shadow, Petpet Rescue, Meerca Chase II, Attack of Revenge, Chef Academy, Kreludor Caves, Jubble Bubble, Fashion Fever, Shenkuu Tangram, Wheeler’s Rie, Bullseye II, Snow Roller, Chia Bomber 2, Nova Defender, Neopian Battles, Jungle Raiders, Cloud Racers, Snowager, Petpet Pair-Up and many more. There are also sponsored games you can play with. These sponsored games are much easier to play as they usually quiz questions and they are easy.giantjelly

How to Make More Neopoints?

To get more neopoints to feed your pets you can play KeyQuest, you can participate in the Battleoma fights, and you can also be a part of the stock market. You can also get many freebies from the treasuries. To make you a better player there is a vast content collection such as Neopets articles, Neopets gies, Neopets cheats. Neopets cheats are approved and gives you tips to score higher points easily.

Offers for Free

There is much stuff you can do for free. You can get a Free Spin from the Fruit Machine, Free Omelette which are available one per day. You can avail of the Giant Jelly offer of free jelly and a free ticket from Tiki Tack Tombola one each per day. There are others like the Daily Puzzle – once every day; Trudy’s Slot Machine – once every day, check Lunar Temple skills – once every day. If you want free food, you can visit Soup Kichen. There are many freebies that are available ones per month that provide gifts and NP. Be alert and get these freebies if you are new to the game and want your scores to soar high easily to get more things for your pets.

You can sign up to create an account today for free. Neopet is a Virtual pet site found on the internet. Enjoy the games, auctions, trading, greetings and many more for free.

Using the Neopet Games to Score More Neopoints

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