Many of us gym nowadays and want our bodies to look in shape. You can hear people talk about the exercises they do and their diet every day. Everyone is very well informed also about the kind of exercises one needs to do to get that perfect body and also the way their bodies work. To get the maximum out of your body you need to push your body in the gym and then even rest properly so that your body can heal and grow. You need to take the proper supplements and eat proper meals so that your body gets the required amount of protein and nutrients needed for it grow or else you might suffer from fatigue and weak muscles.


Diet is just as important as your workout and there are so many supplements out there that have life easy for us. There are so many brands too that we can select from but the question is which is the best bodybuilding supplements? Well the first thing that comes to our mind is whey protein. It is the commonly used protein all around the globe and you can probably see everyone who goes to the gym, use it once or twice a day.


Whey Protein is a byproduct of milk processing. When you add rennin to milk then the molecules coagulate and we get two byproducts, both of which are very well known to bodybuilders, whey and casein. Whey is said to be the best form because you can digest it easily and you can get whey isolates which have a very low calorific count. One serving of whey which is around 33 grams takes about 30 minutes to digest and contains about 24 grams of protein. It may be higher or lower depending on the company of your preference.


You might find various kinds of whey powders out there in the market. Some are just normal whey and some are whey isolates while other whey concentrates. Well stick to whey protein because that is the best as it has the right amount of protein and calories for your body to recover. Whey isolates are the more filtered powders and have an even lesser calorific count whereas whey concentrates are least filtered and have a higher calorific count. Some of the better companies that you should prefer over other companies while buying whey are Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Tech and BSN. Always check if it has all the BCAAs required and check if the protein percentage for every serving is around 80% protein to buy the perfect powder.


You are advised to take whey once in the morning and once after the workout for your recovery process. You might even take it before your workout depending on your requirements. You can either mix it in warm water or milk to consume it. People should remember that whey is a dairy product and should be avoided by people who are lactose intolerant and such people can always take soy protein as their supplement.

Your Guide To Whey Protein

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