As the rate of disputes between different parties call it dispute with the neighbours, problems with co-worker, arguments within the marriage or relationship. We all want sure shot solution of the fights as it troubles both the parties involves equally, you cannot drag everyone to court as the process is long and time consuming. In order to better control the situation and give a perfect mediator role, Mediation services are taken for these fights and the companies with intelligent employees offering a compromising solution is increasing daily. You can read more about one of the finest Lie Detector and Mediation Company at

There are several ranges of lie detector test available as part of the services from the company, both the parties needs to select the particular available option and the company will surely gives stamped assurance about who is lying.

Dispute Lie Detector Test: One of the most commonly used services is the Dispute lie detector test, in the test mediation are provided to the clients. Arguments and the claims of both the sides are to be listen without any partiality. As test is conducted as per the will of both the parties, the party with loopholes or bad intention needs to pay the settling amount and solve the equation of fight.

Infidelity lie Detector Test: Love life of couples sometimes gets distracted with germs of JEALOUSY, its better to control and solve the fishy smell before it gets worst. Special sessions for couples are available at

Pre-Employment lie Detector Test: Gaining popularity, this lie detector test helps the big multinational companies to check the background and claims of employees come for the interview. Everyone behaves innocent and full of professionalism during initial days, if you want company to gain success just enroll right candidates with Pre-Employment lie Detector test.

Lie Detector and Polygraph Test in U.K

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